Limited Games Studios
Based in Melaka, Malaysia

Founding date:
January 1, 2018


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Limited Games Studios is the home of Leon Lim, a solo indie developer aspiring to make unique, exciting titles that meld innovative gameplay with a strong narrative focus.


The Kid With A Dream

Once upon a time there was a kid who loved putting pen to paper and making small games for his classmates to play during recess. He saw how happy he made his classmates, and realized how much fun he had making the games, that he swore that one day he would be one of those grown ups that made these games for real. Flash forward to 20 years later, the kid is now a man. But something had gone wrong on his sworn path to become a game developer. He had somehow ended up with a degree in management and was running a family business. He had neglected to learn how to code, dashing his hopes of ever becoming the game dev he had dreamed of as a kid!

Career Pivot

After several years, the man-kid still could not let go of his passion for video games. He still wanted to cross over to the other side, to join the creators of these wonderful pieces of software instead of remaining an avid consumer. One day, after much frustration with the lack of fulfilment in his work, he took the plunge and taught himself how to code. Within a month of his pivotal decision, he released his first game on the Google Play Store: Undead AfterMath, a 2D zombie-shooter/math-puzzle hybrid. The game was in no way a commercial or critical success, but through it he'd already gotten a taste of what it meant to make a game. And it tasted amazing.

Rubber Wrestling

In 2019, he released Rubber Wrestling, the product of a 24 hour self-imposed game jam. The goal was to recreate a simple nostalgic game from his childhood played with erasers. The game became an unexpected hit, hitting the #1 Trending spot on the Google Play Store in both Malaysia and Singapore, as well as producing a large amount of press coverage in South East Asia.

Current Project

Right now, The Kid With A Dream is on the verge of releasing his first full-scale title: GREYHAT - A Digital Detective Adventure. GREYHAT is a thrilling hacker detective adventure that puts you behind the keyboard of an all-powerful hacker as your search through other people's computers to expose their deepest, darkest secrets.



GREYHAT - A Digital Detective Adventure Trailer YouTube


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